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    When we service you’re vehicles A/C system, we at IN Autos take this as seriously as any other job.

    Did you know that the gas lost is most likely is due to a leak on you AC system, and that this causes harm to the environment?

    Not to mention that you will lose your cold fresh air, also you’ll waste money and time not having you’re AC in tip top condition.

    At IN Autos we are highly trained to ensure your car keeps its AC system as it should, running correctly and efficiently.

    It’s important that you do regular maintenance to ensure the AC system is working constantly, on demand and efficiently.

    At IN Autos we have the latest air conditioning equipment to service & test vehicles running on R134a, and the latest R1234yf refrigerant gas to ensure we provide the best solution by

    1. Testing possible leaks,
    2. Testing the health of the AC compressor,
    3. Testing for any blockages,
    4. Recovering any remaining gas (harmful to the environment if released to atmosphere),
    5. Adding dye and lubricant for better gas and internal component functionality,
    6. An overall long lasting AC system.


    We are equipped with the latest ASC 5300g WRECO for the new gas R1234yf and also for the common R134a.

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    We service any AC, any make or model.

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