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Welcome to In Autos Electric / EV & Hybrid Cars Servicing and Maintenance page. Based in Newchapel in Surrey we are ideally placed close to the A22 and M25 to cater for all Electric and Hybrid Car Drivers living in Sussex, Surrey and South London who are looking for servicing and repairs for their electric vehicle.  

Electric vehicles are sparking more and more interest within the UK, with models such as the Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and BMW i3 already proving success 2019 is set to Amp up EV sales with the anticipated release of the Audi e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC, Mini Electric.

This means there will be an ever increasing demand for servicing, maintenance and body work for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Fully electric cars have fewer moving parts then conventional engined vehicles meaning there are less components that require servicing. However with significantly higher voltages present in E&HVs  (currently up to 650 Volts compared to 12 Volts in engine powered vehicles) ensuring the correct procedures and repairs are carried out is paramount. The good news is IN Autos are qualified and certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) to safely work on these vehicles.

Based in Surrey on the boarder of Sussex, we are able to offer Electric / EV & Hybrid Car owners peace of mind by carrying out routine servicing, maintenance and body work repairs to their vehicles. Due to EU block exemption rules with no implications to manufactures warranty. We can also assist with making a vehicle safe for repairs which would be necessary in certain circumstances such as removing and temporary storing the high volt battery, this would be required for an EV to be baked in a paint booth. 

Being in close proximity to London Gatwick Airport and Lingfield train station we are able to offer a drop off & collection service to minimise the inconvenience of being without a car.


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    How often should an electric/hybrid vehicle be serviced?

    Electric/Hybrid cars should be serviced at the same intervals as a car with a combustion engine, which is at least every 12 months.


    What is involved in an electric/hybrid vehicle service?

    Like petrol / diesel powered vehicles key components will be checked such as;

    • Bodywork
    • Interior & exterior lights
    • Operation & condition of windscreen washers/wipers 
    • Braking components
    • Steering & suspension components
    • Condition of tyres & adjusting tyre pressures
    • Vehicles underside
    • Spare wheel/mobility kit.
    • Check the condition of fluids & top up where necessary 
      • Replacing air cabin filter to ensure interior air pollutants are kept to a minimum.
      With the addition of Electric / Hybrid specific items 
    • High voltage battery
    • Checking charge connector & cable.
    • High voltage cabling and components condition & routing
    • Charging vehicle 
    • Engine oil & oil filter change (Hybrid only)


    What maintenance needs to be carried out for an electric/hybrid vehicle?

    The maintenance checks required are very similar to a conventional engine powered vehicle. You will need to periodically check the basics such as checking & adjusting the tyre pressures, checking the operation of exterior lights and ensuring the fluid levels are correct such as the brake fluid, screenwash & coolant level. If in any doubt feel free to visit us for one of the team to assist/advise.


    How much does it cost to run/service an electric vehicle?

    After the generally higher purchase cost electric vehicles are noticeably cheaper to run. Many components that fail on petrol/diesel cars are not fitted to electric vehicles meaning you will save on these expensive repair bills, Also due to regenerative braking wear and tear on brake components are also minimised. In use emissions are low to nil there for road tax is often free of charge.


    How can I prolong the life of my battery?

    There are a few things that are advised to help prolong the life of your battery;

    Avoid constantly fully charging your electric car while this reduces your range, it can increase the lifespan of your battery and will allow room for regenerative braking, which would not be possible with a fully charged battery.

    Ensure annual servicing is carried out, spending money on routine servicing will minimise costly repairs in the future.


    • Are electric vehicles better for the environment?

      Electric vehicles are certainly a step in the right direction for eco-friendly transport, with no engine producing harmful emissions the major factor is how the electricity is produced, however even electricity produced from fossil fuels has been proven to be an improvement over combustion engined vehicles. To improve your carbon footprint choose a ‘green’ energy provider that generates it power from renewable sources such as from wind, solar or hydroelectricity.

Why Choose IN Autos

  • Certified by the IMI Level 4 (Institute of the Motor Industry)
  • EV Owner & Enthusiasts
  • Competitive pricing
  • All aspects of EV/Hybrid servicing, maintenance & repairs undertaken and carried out to manufacturers specification meeting all warranty requirements

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